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ANVERTEX Products GmbH


Presentation of the company

As one of the world's leading producers of care and hygiene products, Anvertex Products GmbH looks back at a dynamic, yet successful history. Founded more than three decades ago in Germany, the company started in the textile sector. In doing so, we established our expertise as well as our trading structures. As a result, we now have a sales network spanning 46 countries, some of which are also represented by our own subsidiaries or sales companies.
At the same time, we have significantly extended our range over the years, which is why we are currently active in three business sectors: Fashion, real estate and home care. The latter has been developed into our core business and is now made up of an impressive range of brand detergents and cleaning products.

Our goal – successful customers

What do we define as success? We are happy to provide a simple answer: Our actions always aim to offer our customers the best services at the best conditions. The success of our customers is paramount, because when they are successful, so are we. As a result, a large number of domestic as well as international customers now confide in us.

Goal-oriented – our operating principle

We develop strategies together with our customers in detail that enable maximum sales as well as an optimal market launch of the respective products. We consider all aspects, including the culture as well as the technical infrastructure of the respective target markets. This is complimented by the extensive know-how of our experienced staff and their language skills.

Our visions – our values

First: We have ‘no ifs and buts’. Second: We keep our promises and always rely on continuous cooperation with our customers. And third: By sustainably and continuously creating our range and services, we increase the economic success of our customers. In short, we always strive for the long-term win-win situation based on partnership. To this effect, we welcome business partners who share our values and appreciate us as their long term partner.

In particular, we offer a wide range of products in Germany and have successful longstanding cooperations with well-known major customers, such as pharmacy discounters. We offer international customers, in addition, the opportunity to be exclusively allocated up to three of our own brands. These brands can thus be marketed alone without further competitors in the respective target market. Ultimately, this strategy is one of our success principles, which we also contractually guarantee.

Date established: 03.01.2006


Quality and diversity characterise our product range. This allows our customers to individually assemble their respective assortments, which we can provide with a post-delivery period and with a price maintenance for at least two years. Ultimately, our assortment diversity as well as fast delivery guarantee both the success of our customers as well as ours.

Core equipment

Disinfectants, Suppliers of materials, Other

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Average delivery time:
7 Tage

Contact details

Langmaar 12
41238 Mönchengladbach

Tel.: 02166 86810

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