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Probitas Distribution, Inh. Filip Droste


Presentation of the company

Our company is primarily engaged in supplying legal and natural persons with medical protective equipment, disinfectants and household chemicals.

Take a look at our offer. There you will find our prices for medical protective equipment as well as hygienic disinfectants and household chemicals. Order the desired products from our assortment at affordable prices.

The main warehouse is located in Dortmund and we distribute our products all over Germany and the region.

In our wide offer you can choose your desired products. We will send you the products to your address. All products are certified and trade is carried out in accordance with all hygienic and legal regulations.

Contact us, the products from the offer can be at your address in the shortest possible time.

Date established: 19.12.2020


Personal protective equipment: -3-ply disposable mask for adults, black, 50 pcs. -3-ply disposable mask for adults, blue, 50 pieces -3-ply disposable mask for children, white with imprint, 10 pieces -FFP2 without valve for adults, white, 10 pieces -FFP2 without valve for adults, black, 10 pieces -FFP2 with valve for adults, white, 5 pieces -Silver ion mask, blue and pink, 10 pieces -HeiQ Viroblock mask for adults -vinyl gloves, powder-free, 100 pieces (S, M, L, XL) -Latex gloves, powder-free, 100 pieces (S, M, L, XL) -Vitryl gloves, powder-free, 100 pieces (S, M, L, XL) -protective gowns (polypropylene, non-woven) (S, M, L, XL) -disposable coveralls (polypropylene, non-woven) -Protective visor (Made in Europe) -Shoe covers (polyethylene) -Shoe covers (polypropylene, non-woven) -Disposable cap (polypropylene, non-woven) -Infrared Thermometer (Made in Europe) -Infrared Thermometer (Made in China) Disinfectant for hand and surface disinfection: -Septol-A Gel 100ml -Septol-A Gel 100ml with dosing pump -Septol-A Gel 250ml with dosing pump -Septol-A Gel 500ml with dosing pump -Septol-A Gel 1000ml -Septol-A Gel 1000ml with dosing pump -Septol-A Gel 5000ml -Septol-A Professional 750ml with trigger spray -Septol-A Professional 1000ml -Septol-A Professional 1000ml with trigger spray -Septol-A Professional 5000ml -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 100ml with microspay -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 250ml with Mikrospay -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 750ml with Mikrospay -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 1000ml -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 1000ml with Trigger Spray -Septol-A Alcohol 70% 5000ml -Etanol 96% 1000ml -Fresh Splash -Desinfitto

Core equipment

Coveralls/Gowns/Aprons, Disinfectants, Face shields, Gloves, Masks, Other

Unterkategorien Schutzmaske

Filtering half masks (FFP2), Surgical masks

Subcategory Disinfectants

Hand sanitizer, Surface disinfectants



Average delivery time:
1-3 Tage

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44225 Dortmund

Tel.: 015750615997